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Title: Applied Computer Vision EngineerPosted: February 8, 2018
Company/Institution: DreamVu Inc
Location: Hyderabad-India
Department: Computer Vision

Description: We are looking for research engineers who can extend and develop algorithms for our camera. You will get an hands on experience by doing research and rapid prototyping using a combination of state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. You will be required to perform experimentations and also get to publish in top tier conferences. You will develop the proof-of-concept algorithms and hand-off to engineering. Areas of computer vision work may include innovations in SLAM, 3D scene understanding, situational awareness etc.
Duties & Responsibilities:
-Includes development, writing code and documenting the functionality. -Understanding different architectures and able to develop applications. -Implement and enhance processing pipeline and software architecture that allows optimal performance and flexibility for experimentation. -Collecting datasets for in-depth understanding of problems. -Leverage state of the art tools (OpenCV, TensorFlow) to prototype fast and early.
Required Skills & Experience:
-Background in computer vision, Machine learning, Deep learning. -Experience in researching, developing, and implementing novel computer vision algorithms from scratch. -Image processing experience, including colour correction, lens distortion, color segmentation, image enhancements etc. -C++ development skills. OpenCV, MATLAB required. -Strong collaboration skills. -Capable of designing integrations of and tuning computer vision algorithms. -Able to construct, train, evaluate and tune neural networks. -Experience with motion detection and tracking of people, faces, objects or vehicles.
Desired Skills & Experience / Bonus Points:
-Experience in depth estimation, 3D reconstruction, multi-view geometry, calibration, and optical flow. -Practical understanding and experience with machine vision neural networks (image recognition & object classification). -Multi-camera system calibration. -Computational imaging/photography. -Intrinsic image decomposition. Scene and object classification. -Camera and/or video pipeline knowledge and experience. -Photography skills is a plus.
Minimum Qualification:
-Holding MS or PhD degree with a focus in computer vision or related fields. -Publications in Computer Vision Conferences.

Application Instructions: Interested candidates can send their updated resume and portfolio to