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Title: Computer Vision Research EngineerPosted: February 9, 2018
Company/Institution: DreamVu Inc
Location: Hyderabad-India
Department: Computer Vision


We are looking for research engineers who can extend and develop algorithms for our machine vision platform for robotics and autonomous vehicles. You will get an hands on experience by doing research and rapid prototyping using a combination of state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. You will be required to perform experimentations and also get to publish in top tier conferences.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • You'll develop creative architectures to address the emerging demands of computer vision and machine learning algorithms
  • Understand and analyze the interplay between hardware, software, and media processing algorithms.
  • Collaborate with a diverse set of teams across the company, spanning software, research, engineering, and product groups.
  • Publish original research and speak at conferences and events.
  • Includes development, writing code and documenting the functionality.
  • Understanding different architectures and able to develop applications.
  • Implement and enhance processing pipeline and software architecture that allows optimal performance and flexibility for experimentation.
  • Collecting datasets for in-depth understanding of problems.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Basic familiarity with 3D computer graphics.
  • Background in computer vision, Machine learning, Deep learning.
  • Experience in researching, developing, and implementing novel computer vision algorithms from scratch.
  • Image processing experience, including colour correction, lens distortion, color segmentation, image enhancements etc.
  • C++ development skills. OpenCV, MATLAB required.
  • Publications in Computer Vision Conferences.

Desired Skills & Experience / Bonus Points:
  • Knowledge of parallel computing, OpenCL, GPU is a plus
  • Knowledge software optimization and embedded programming is a plus
  • Emphasis on depth estimation, 3D reconstruction, multi-view geometry calibration,and optical flow
  • Multi-camera system calibration.
  • Computational imaging/photography.
  • Intrinsic image decomposition.Scene and object classification.Camera and/or video pipeline knowledge and experience
  • Photography skills is a plus.

  • Minimum Qualification:
    • MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
    • Ph.D. is preferred
    • 2+ years of software development experience.

    Application Instructions: Interested candidate can send their resume to