PamiTC Job Board - Posting Details

Title: Research Engineer: Computer Vision for autonomous drivingPosted: February 13, 2018
Company/Institution: Inria
Location: Paris, France
Department: RITS Team

Description: We are looking for a research engineer with excellent programming skills and very good research knowledge to be part of the Computer Vision group of RITS Team Inria.
The purpose of the position is to fill the gap between research works in the team and real experiments on our prototypes. The position will include some research and some engineering.

The candidate must have good knowledge of computer vision, and machine learning and be able to implement a real-time code in C++ or Python. The work will include: implementation of state-of-the-art research methods, sensors calibration, real experiments on cars (on our suburban site), and participation to research projects. The position will require knowledge of computer vision (2D and/or 3D processing) and some deep learning. The candidate should have some interest for research, as collaboration with other researchers will be expected with some publications.

Experience in latest objects recognition, scene segmentation, and sensors calibration and other related computer vision subjects or real mobile robotics will be a plus.

Application Instructions: Please send an email to Raoul de Charette ([-AT-]inria[DOT]fr), with a resume, some indications about relevant works (publication, code, etc.), and references.