PamiTC Job Board - Posting Details

Title: PostDoc: Computer Vision for scene understanding in Degraded Conditions for Autonomous DrivingPosted: February 13, 2018
Company/Institution: Inria
Location: Paris, France
Department: RITS Team

Description: We are looking for a post-doc with excellent research knowledge and strong record in computer vision or machine learning to be part of the Computer Vision group of RITS Team at Inria.
The candidate should pursue our past work on vision in degraded conditions (bad weather, low lights, and occlusion, reflections, etc.) while bringing new research ideas.

The candidate must have an excellent research skills in computer vision and machine learning and very good records in one this field: computer vision, mobile robotics, or machine learning. The subject of the post-doc will be refined with the candidate but will be related to computer vision in degraded conditions including possible focus on glares, bad weather vision, strong occlusion, non-diffuse materials, etc. Several research lines are envisaged such as physic based models for computer vision, deep learning enforcing physic models for illumination, etc. Depending on a pending project, the work might be in collaboration with international research group and which would allow collaboration abroad (max. 3 months).

The candidate must have knowledge in one the following applications: object recognition, scene segmentation, 3D reconstruction, and knowledge of the following fields: computer vision, machine learning. She/He will have to publish to top tier conference(s) during the post-doctoral.

Application Instructions: Please send an email to Raoul de Charette ([-AT-]inria[DOT]fr), with a resume, some indications about relevant works (publication, code, etc.), and references.