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Title: Postdoctoral position in artificial intelligence for naturalistic driving analysisPosted: September 25, 2019
Company/Institution: Chalmers University of Technology
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Department: Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences / CSE / EE

Description: This interdisciplinary pos-doc position joins three research groups at three different department within Chalmers: the Crash Analysis and Prevention Unit at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Division at Department of Computer Science, and Engineering and the Computer Vision Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering Department.
The researchers in the Crash Analysis and Prevention (CAP) unit within the Vehicle Safety division (Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences) at Chalmers University of Technology conduct world-leading research on topics related to traffic safety. The mission of the unit is to understand why crashes happen and how they can be prevented. This includes understanding crash causation mechanisms related to the road-user (e.g., driver) behaviour as well as (e.g., automated) vehicle and environment factors.
The Data Science and AI, division is a relatively new division in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, reflecting how this area has grown considerably over the last years, recruiting new PhD students, post-docs, and faculty members. The main research areas of the division are algorithms, machine learning, AI, and different applications of data science. The division has a solid network of collaborators, both academic and industrial, within and outside of Gothenburg, the home of Chalmers.
The Computer Vision Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering conducts research in computer vision applications such as autonomously guided vehicles (particularly self-driving cars), image-based localization, structure-from-motion and object recognition. The main research problems include mathematical theory, algorithms and machine learning (deep learning) for inverse problems in artificial intelligence.

Application Instructions: Find out more and apply online via the Chalmers vacancy page.