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Title: PhD student in deep learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm SwedenPosted: September 11, 2020
Company/Institution: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Location: Stockholm
Department: EECS

Description: Job description: Deep learning has dramatically pushed the performance of many intelligent systems, but many important questions remain open for research. How can we make sense of the high capacity of deep networks? How should one interpret its decision making process? How can we transfer knowledge from an information-rich application to tasks where data is scarce? What are the limits of its application in other fields? The role of the doctoral student will be to develop theoretical advances regarding these research questions and focus on applying them to problems in computer vision and/or biomedical image analysis. Possible topics of interest include: knowledge transfer, universal representation and learning, understanding deep networks, explainability, and generative models. Should the student be willing and sufficiently experienced, they will have some freedom to steer the direction of research. This is a four (4) year time-limited position with full funding and support for travel to conferences, etc. It can be extended up to five (5) years with the inclusion of a maximum of 20% departmental duties, typically teaching. In order to be employed, you must apply and be accepted as a doctoral student at KTH. The starting date is open for discussion, though we would like the successful candidate to start as soon as possible. Eligibility To be admitted to postgraduate education, the applicant must have basic eligibility in accordance with either of the following: passed a degree at advanced level completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits at advanced level, or in any other way acquired within or outside the country acquired essentially equivalent knowledge Requirements for English equivalent to English B/6 read more here Selection In order to succeed as a doctoral student at KTH you need to be goal oriented and persevering in your work. During selection process, candidates will be assessed upon their ability to: independently pursue his or her work collaborate with others have a professional approach and analyse and work with complex issues Good knowledge of English and ability to express themselves clearly in speech and writing Motivation for doctoral studies Mathematical skillset Experience in use of deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, MXNet, etc as well as familiarity with Linux After qualification requirements, great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities and personal suitability

Application Instructions: Application: Log into KTH's recruitment system in order to apply to this position ( You are responsible to ensure that your application is complete according to the ad. Applications shall include the following documents: 1. A short (1 page) statement of interest with a project proposal describing a topic around deep learning and/or biomedical image analysis that you would like to pursue in your doctoral studies.. 2. Curriculum vitae 3. Transcripts from university/university college 4. Representative publications or another example of the applicant’s original technical writing, e.g., thesis, technical report, etc. Please observe that all material needs to be in English. Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than 08.Oct.2020 11:59 PM CET