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Title: Computer Vision ResearcherPosted: March 31, 2014
Company/Institution: Apple, Inc.
Location: Cupertino, Ca.
Department: Media Sciences Group

Description: Job Summary
The Media Science Group (MSG) at Apple is responsible for imaging, computer vision and machine learning for Apple's image and video products. This includes technology for OS X and iOS system frameworks, and for applications such as Final Cut, Aperture, iMovie, and iPhoto. The group combines research and development in a fast-paced environment.

Key Qualifications
The candidate is required to have a track record and strong skills in machine learning and computer vision. The candidate must have a deep understanding of the methods and algorithms used in this domain. He/She is expected to have strong analytical and problem solving skills (with the clear capability of thinking out of the box). He/She must be up to date with the latest findings and trends in the machine learning and computer vision community. He/She must have demonstrated leadership in both research and development.

He/She should have strong coding skills in C, C++ and possibly Python. Basic knowledge of Objective-C is desirable. Experience in OS X or iOS development and familiarity with UNIX based systems is a plus. The candidate should be able to structure the code in a clean, efficient and optimized manner and deliver an implementation that matches the standards required in a complex production environment.

The candidate must have excellent written and verbal communications and the ability to work hands-on in cross functional teams.

The MSG computer vision team is looking for an experienced computer vision/machine learning researcher. The position involves research level work focused on algorithm prototyping and development. The researcher will be working on challenging problems in computer vision and machine learning that will have a direct impact on the experience of millions of users.

M.S. or Phd in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science or a related field (mathematics, physics or computer engineering), with a focus on computer vision and/or machine learning.

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