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Title: Machine Learning ScientistPosted: February 15, 2013
Company/Institution: Affectiva, Inc.
Location: Waltham, MA, USA

Description: Emotions influence every aspect of our lives - from health to purchasing decisions. At Affectiva, we develop technology that measures emotional responses in an objective and scalable way.  We have the world’s largest repository of real emotion responses, 250,000 videos from over 33 countries, and this set is growing faster every day. We are so far ahead of academia and our competition with this data - we are literally creating a new industry!

  1. Nobody has ever had that kind of data! This allows us to answer basic science questions around how people "emote" and how that differs from culture to culture .. or by gender or age. For instance,
    1. Are women REALLY more emotive than men?
    2. Are US Americans more expressive than Brits?
    3. Are South East Asians really more "polite" than the French?
    4. Who is the "happiest" nation?
  2. This data needs to be mined, visualized and summarized. The insights we gain transform industries, make headlines and continue to position us as thought leaders in the affective computing and emotion science space.
  3. We objectively measure and model how your emotions influence your MEMORY and your DECISIONS. Our partners provide unique access to sales data, which in turn enables us to develop tools that transform their industry. Help us change the playing field.

Affectiva is the thought leader in Affective computing and the science of emotion.
  • We patent and we publish at the top journals, conferences, and media outlets (incl. Wired, NewScientist, NYTimes). As thought leaders, we set expectations, inspire new applications and transform automated analysis and interaction. We keep current and educate each other regularly during “lunch seminars”.
  • We're a tightly knit team. You will interact very closely with our Analytics, Engineering, Product and Marketing teams. Everything you do has a direct impact on Affectiva's bottom line. You have to be driven, self-motivated and creative! If ownership motivates you, we’d love to hear from you.
  • We don’t do sloppy science - this sets us apart from other companies out there.
  • We are passionate and feel good about what we do - our vision is to improve the way people live, work and play with our technology.  


The ideal candidate will advance our core emotion recognition algorithms and employ large scale machine learning methods that yield robust and accurate performance. The responsibilities of the Machine Learning Scientist include:
  • Research and develop machine learning solutions for emotion recognition
  • Research and develop feature detection/tracking and classification techniques that provide a rich representation of emotions
  • Research and develop head/body/hand pose and gesture estimation solutions
  • Quantify these insights into succinct, intuitive metrics for stakeholders and customers.
  • Define, design, and develop statistical analysis


We’re looking for a motivated, self-directed, talented and savvy professional to add to Affectiva’s Science team. Successful candidates for this role will have:
  • A PhD in EE/CS with specialization in ML, computer vision or related areas.
  • Solid background and experience in “large-scale” machine learning methods, including self-taught learning, transfer learning, co-training, and one-shot methods, as well as feature learning and deep convolutional architectures

  • Exceptionally strong communication skills, able to spot and promote cross-functionally
  • Ability to construct stories from insights with partial data
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational and attention-to-detail skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment that needs to meet client driven deadlines

Highly Desirable Skills

  • Experience in designing and implementing scalable data mining solutions
  • Experience with statistical tools such as R, Matlab, SASS, etc.
  • Preferable experience with programming languages such as Python, Java and/or C++
  • Experience with scalable platforms such as Hadoop, Graph databases, etc.

Application Instructions: Check out our careers page for other opportunities and to submit your resume.

Opportunities like this don't come along often so apply now!

Jason Gasdick
VP of Talent
Affectiva, Inc.