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Title: Recruiting: LV group at NUS, SingaporePosted: May 3, 2014
Company/Institution: National University of Singapore
Location: Singapore
Department: ECE

Description: The "Learning and Vision Research Group" at National University of Singapore is starting next round of big recruitment for up to 10 positions of different levels: Postdocs, RAs, Interns, Visiting Scholars/Professors. If you have interests in fighting together in SG, please send your CV to Associate Professor Shuicheng YAN,, . The research areas shall be face/object/fashion analysis based on machine learning and big data. Salary shall be very competitive, but more importantly, there is good environment for us to fight together and for you to prepare for your ultimate career! PS: Some statistics on the group: 1) 53 CVPRs, 26 MM full papers, 100+ Transaction papers, 12,000+ citations; 2) PASCAL VOC 4 winner awards, ILSVRC13 runner-up prize, TRECVID SED winner 2012; and 3) 27 awards/prizes in the past five years. Looking forward to your contributions!

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