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Title: Computer Vision Research Internship Opportunity (Aug -Dec'14)Posted: June 16, 2014
Company/Institution: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Location: Oak Ridge
Department: Computational Sciences and Engineering

Description: Mass gatherings create environments highly conducive for influenza and other acute respiratory infectious disease transmission due to the spatial and temporal congregation of infectious and susceptible individuals. A number of approaches including surveys, RFID, Bluetooth technologies have been used to estimate the mixing patterns at these setting and all have limitations. This project will use computer vision tracking technology to generate contact estimates and mixing patterns from video data of the mass gathering. The research involves developing and adapting computer vision tracking algorithms to mine day's worth of video data of mass gathering.

Application Instructions: We are looking for a highly motivated and technically sound candidate (preferably Masters/PhD candidate) to support this challenging computer vision project. The project includes (a) developing and extending in-house computer vision algorithms for detecting and simultaneously tracking multiple subjects in crowded environments (candidates with overlapping research preferred). Send full resume to Dr. Anil Cheriyadat, at