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Title: Postdoctoral position in 2D/3D Matching for Urban Scene AnalysisPosted: July 16, 2014
Company/Institution: IRIT
Location: ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France
Department: VORTEX team (Visual Object from Reality To EXpression)

Description: 2D/3D Matching for Urban Scene Analysis

Key-words: Segmentation, urban scenes, change detection, 2D/3D matching

Short description: The candidate is expected to propose, to develop and to apply an algorithm for the detection and the matching of 2D/3D features. The goal is to match objects of interest in 2D images with 3D objects previously collected in a data set. This matching is expected to help to identify the defects on the objects captured in 2D. We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow who has experience on matching and/or detection of points/features of interest.

Context: This work is in the context of semantic segmentation of urban scene based on geometric context and superpixel analysis.

Application Instructions:

Duration: 2 years since September 2014.


  • PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical
  • Engineering, or related areas.
  • Experience in computer vision
  • Strong programming skill in C/C++ and Matlab.
  • Contact: Sylvie Chambon,, Personal web page, IRIT--ENSEEIHT, VORTEX team