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Title: Postdoc positions in Computer VisionPosted: November 14, 2014
Company/Institution: Naval Research Laboratory
Location: Washington, DC
Department: Intelligent Systems Section

Description: The Intelligent Systems Section at the Naval Research Laboratory is looking for two post-docs in the area of computer vision / robot perception. The post-docs will primarily be working with Dr. Laura Hiatt, Dr. Ed Lawson, and Dr. Greg Trafton.

One candidate will focus on using cognitive priming effects to improve object recognition. One prominent example of this is what can occur in situations where poor resolution, occlusion, or focus makes it difficult to distinguish between similar objects. In cases such as this, contextual cues from dynamic priming effects can provide valuable information needed to improve rank-1 object recognition accuracy. The candidate's work will include combining information from object recognition approaches and computational cognitive models (including intelligently reasoning about how to balance priming's expectations with object recognition's results), as well as potentially developing new vision algorithms, or investigating cognitive priming effects, to enhance overall object recognition.

A second candidate will study biometric person (re)identification from both autonomous robots and surveillance images. Identification in these scenarios can provide a great deal of challenges, such as identifying individuals when they are not the primary focus of the image or facing away from the camera. Multiple biometric modalities can be useful in such situations, and that the ideal solution to this problem involves both learning appropriate features for identification and leveraging all available information. The candidate's primary responsibilities will include developing detectors for new biometric measures, as well as intelligently reasoning about feature reliability across different situations.

In addition, the post-docs will be free to spend up to half their time performing more flexible research of their choice.

Application Instructions: Interested applications should send a CV to Dr. Laura Hiatt and Dr. Ed Lawson (,

Candidates will be hired through the NRC Research Associateship Programs; only US citizens and green card holders are eligible for the program.