Note: in addition to the instructions below, all authors need to submit the final camera-ready paper , also due at April 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Authors of each paper accepted to CVPR15 (oral and poster) are required to submit a one page extended abstract that highlights and summarizes your CVPR15 paper. These extended abstracts will be collated into larger documents that provide an overview of each day of the conference. Please read these instructions carefully to ensure that your extended abstract is formatted and submitted correctly.

The deadline for submitting your extended abstract is April 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. This is the same deadline as the full camera-ready paper.

Format: Templates for the extended abstract are available in LaTex and Word formats at the CVPR15 web site

Your extended abstract should ideally give the elevator pitch of your paper, briefly highlighting the main new idea and the key results, perhaps with an essential figure(s). It should help conference attendees get the gist of the paper before they attend your talk/poster, as well as other readers browsing the CVPR proceedings after the conference. Please see the example included in the .zip file above for ideas.

The extended abstract is strictly limited to one page. This one page limit includes all figures, references, acknowledgements, etc. The extended abstract format must follow the templates provided in terms of fonts, font sizes, margins, etc.

There is a strict size limit of 5 MB (5,242,880 bytes) for the PDF file of your one-page extended abstract. If your paper is larger than this, you are probably using very large images in your figures. As a rule, your images will look fine at 600 pixels per inch and you should down-sample the images used in your figures accordingly.

To ensure that the PDF file has the greatest portability across devices and operating systems, we suggest that you use IEEE eXpress to validate your PDF file. This is only a suggestion and is NOT required to submit your extended abstract. The advantage of using IEEE eXpress is that it will ensure that your file does not use non-embeddable fonts in your PDF file. IEEE eXpress can also generate a validated PDF file from your Word or LaTex files. If you wish to validate your PDF file prior to submitting it, follow the instructions in step 1 of the camera-ready submission instructions you received (and which are available on the CVPR15 webpage at /cvpr15/camera_ready_instructions).

Note: The PDF file generated by the provided LaTex template passes IEEE eXpress validation with a caution about the CVF link at the bottom. Since the extended abstracts will not be archived on IEEE Xplore, you can ignore this caution. The Microsoft Word template also passes the PDF validation if you submit the Word file directly to IEEE eXpress and let it perform the PDF conversion.

Submission: Your one page extended abstract is to be submitted as a single PDF file using the "Presentation" page in CMT, as detailed in the steps below. Your extended abstract must be submitted as a PDF file. (Note that although the "Presentation" submission page allows for other formats, any file format other than PDF will be discarded). Your extended abstract will not be edited for content, but it will be combined with other extended abstracts into a single PDF file containing all the extended abstracts for a given day of the conference.

  1. To submit your extended abstract PDF file, login to the CMT paper collection site - /CVPR15/
  2. In the CMT "Author Console", your accepted paper(s) will appear in the "Camera-Ready | Presentations" column. Click on the "Edit" link beneath the "Presentation" heading (next to your paper title). DO NOT click on the "Edit" link next to the "Camera-Ready" heading or on the "Submit IEEE Copyright Form" - these links are for submitting your full, camera-ready paper as described in the camera-ready instructions.
  3. Similar to the full, camera-ready submission, the name of your extended abstract must be of the form XXXX_ext.pdf where XXXX is the four-digit paper ID (zero-padded if necessary). For example, if your paper ID is 24, the filename must be 0024_ext.pdf.
  4. Use the "Browse" and "Upload" buttons on the "Presentation Details" page to find and upload your one-page PDF file of your extended abstract.
  5. You do not need to enter any "Presenters" for your extended abstract.
  6. Again, the deadline for submitting your one page extended abstract is April 10 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.