Financial Assistance

Student Volunteers
Student volunteer application form

What you need to do as a student volunteer: work for 2-3 shifts (each about 2 hours) during the course of the conference. Work involves transporting materials, attending to registrations at the desk, running between various sessions to help the session chairs, etc.

What you get in return as a student volunteer: your conference registration fee is waived. (We ask that you register as normal and once you have satisfied your volunteer duties, we will refund the registration.)

Only current students are eligible to be student volunteers.

Applications received before April 15 will receive full consideration, but applications will be accepted until all student volunteer positions are filled.

Young Researchers
Young researcher support application form

This application is for young researchers in the computer vision community who may need support to attend CVPR14. At this time we are unable to determine the exact amount of support or reimbursement we are able to give as it depends on the overall number of registrations and other elements of the conference costs. So, our plan is to have you fill in this application form and also pay for the full registration. Then, as the conference date approaches, we will be in touch regarding the amount (if any) of support we can provide. This will most likely come in the form of a reimbursement for your conference fees, but it also may require that you help during the conference, as a volunteer.

Only young researchers with accepted papers at the main conference are eligible to apply.