CVPR14 Accepted Tutorials

DateTutorial Title / Organizers
6/23(AM only)Emerging topics in human activity recognition
6/23(AM only)State of the art 3D reconstruction techniques: Very large scale 3D reconstruction and the role of priors
6/23BASIS-14: BASes for Images and Surfaces
6/23Deep learning for computer vision
6/23Dense image correspondences for computer vision
6/23OpenCV 3.0: Solving Problems
6/23(PM only)Large-scale visual place recognition and image-based localization
6/23(PM only)Learning visual semantics: models, massive computation, and innovative applications
6/23(PM only)Video Segmentation
6/28(AM only)Describing images in natural language
6/28(AM only)Founding a computer vision startup
6/28Large-scale visual recognition
6/28Towards solving real-world vision problems with RGB-D cameras
6/28Visual SLAM
6/28(PM only)Learning and inference in discrete graphical models